Welcome to my website!

I write novels.  Renowned writing professor and novelist Venkatesh Kulkarni once told me, “For a novel to be good, it must be both entertaining and enlightening.”  Another quote of the professor’s that particularly resonated with me was: “Nothing is truer than good fiction.”

My objective as a novelist is to not only entertain my readers with fast-paced stories, but also to give them an understanding and appreciation of the unusual settings and cultures against which they are set.

My first two novels, Belize and Panama, are historical-based, action-adventure stories set in the Tropics.  My third novel, Stroke, is set primarily on the Texas Gulf Coast between Houston and Galveston, and it not only captures this geographical region, but also presents a young woman’s odyssey through the infamous world of professional pool.  My latest novel, French Quarter Danny, depicts a young man coming of age in New Orleans' notorious Vieux Carré.

Most recently, I’ve tried my hand at writing a memoir.  Who Speaks for Earth? isn’t for everyone, and parts of it may offend some readers.  It’s a straightforward account of my views on a controversial topic:  “Religion vs. Science.”